Programs (COMING SOON):
STRUCTGEN COMING SOON STRUCTGEN (structure generator) provides the user with the capability to quickly generate structures and instances, and sample from them, within a given Dn[p] structure family, to include families defined over dimensions of n-ary values. STRUCTMAN WITH GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE (GUI) COMING SOON NEW! This new version of the STRUCTMAN program allows for the same operations as the original with the added benefit of additional features, bug fixes (with respect to the analysis of categories defined over continuous dimensions and situations where the tau threshold is set to a value greater than one), greater precision, faster execution, and a friendly user interface. STRUCTMAN COMING SOON This is the same STRUCTMAN (structural manifold program) as the one with the GUI (see above). It may be used to compute the structural manifold of categorical stimuli defined over continuous, binary, and more generally, n-ary dimensions. SMAP COMING SOON The SMAP (structural manifold analysis platform) is used for multivariate data analysis. RIT COMING SOON This program calculates representational information as defined in RIT (representational information theory), and it is usable only for categorical stimuli defined over binary dimensions.
Updated November 2017